About the Race

For years now Portville has had the McGreevy Memorial run to honor the memory of Michael McGreevy who was KIA on 6.28.05 as a part of Operation Redwings.  The mission has been to not only remember Mike, but to continue to honor the life he lived.  A 1993 graduate of Portville Central, Mike is revered as one of the most driven and humble individuals to ever come out of Portville.  He attended the Naval Academy where he graduated in 1997.  He then went on to achieve his life long dream of becoming a Navy Seal after enrolling in BUDS training in 1999. Mike graduated with the Honor Man award in 2000.  The integrity that Mike demonstrated in his short 30 years has left a legacy that will be remembered forever.  It is the intention of this race to remember Mike, to support the McGreevy Memorial Scholarship fund that awards 2 scholarships each year to individuals who exemplify his characteristics, and to honor all others who have served our great nation!

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