A Farewell Thank you!

As many of you have heard by now, the family has made the decision to pay out the remaining years of the latest recipients for the scholarship and to allow the dissolution of the scholarship after 20 years. Their original hopeful goal was 10 years. 10! And thanks to our amazing community we were able to support the scholarship for double that. It has been a distinct honor to be able to help in some way to make this possible. Your willingness to donate time, money and most of all keep Mike’s memory alive has been truly appreciated, beyond words, by the family.

This year, Molly (Mike’s daughter) turns 18, will head off to college herself, and has been able to see the years of support you all have provided her. Laura (Mike’s widow) has been able to build a beautiful family with her husband Matt, son Will, and additional daughters Orla and Keira. Pat (Mike’s Mom) lives just a few miles from Laura and family and has remained highly involved in the day to day care it takes to help a growing family.

I have been so fortunate to have them in my life for so many years and I can promise you all, from the conversations we’ve had, you all have given them so much joy through the McGreevy Run, various other fundraisers and through continually sharing the emphasis of the amazing life Mike lived. Mike will truly NEVER be FORGOTTEN and I know that his legacy will live on through our youth from Portville and surrounding areas.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you. Thank you for picking up the roadside in Mike’s memory. Thank you for participating in the McGreevy Run, either via racing, donating, volunteering or even spectating. Thank you for raising kids in our town that were recipients of the scholarship based almost solely on their character. Thank you for always answering the multitude of calls I placed asking for help!

To Portville Central School, for being our host all these years and to all involved in getting the McGreevy Memorial in place at Pioneer Park, you’ve given us a place to remember Mike and to always feel his connection to our town. Wishing you all the best in years to come. May you never forget Mike’s Ethos: “Do Justice, Walk Humbly, Love Greatly!”

Yours Truly,

Tracy Hardes

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