5K Run/Walk Course


5K course

2019 5K Run/Walk course with turn by turn directions.


The race begins and ends on the track. 

Directions – turn by turn:

Start on the track near the bleachers

Go STRAIGHT towards the baseball fields

Go around the back of the school (counter clockwise)

Run past the bus garage


Continue on School Street

Turn Right on Sunset Ridge Dr.

Turn Left on Goss Ave.

Turn Right on Brooklyn (stay on the LEFT sidewalk)

Turn Left on Temple St. (at the car bridge)

Stay on Temple past the cemetery

Turn right on Lillibridge Rd.

Turn Left on Maple Ave.

Enter the park (on your right) just after the houses on Maple Ave.

Run past the water station and the memorial is on the left 

Turn left on Main St. (Stay on the LEFT sidewalk – do not cross 417)

Stay on Main St. until you pass Park & Shop

Turn Left on Elm St.

Turn Left into the track

Turn Right to stay on the track (going counter clockwise)

Finish near the bleachers!

** Notes to remember – traffic is not closed for this race. There will be volunteers helping you move through the intersections smoothly, however, you must proceed with caution.  Run on the left side of the street or sidewalk when possible.  You should be FACING traffic at all times!  

Please be safe!!!

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